Reading proposals post

by robbiefordyce

Hi all,

This post is to provide a space for proposals for future readings for the TCRG. If you’re going to suggest a journal article, please cite the journal details so that one of us can find it easily. If you’re going to cite a book chapter, then it would be great if you can be sure that we will be able to get access to copies of the text to distribute within the group.

As a starter, we’ve had a set of suggestions from erstwhile co-founder, Michael Dieter:

“Benjamin Noys chapter on Latour from Persistence of the Negative (the whole thing is great), Campbell’s book Improper Life (the chapter on Heidegger is good, also the Agamben one), something from Sloterdijk’s Spheres, anything at all by Stiegler (the Memory entry in the Key Critical Terms is a nice starting point), Jodi Dean’s recent work on the communist horizon.”

We’ll welcome any and all future suggestions, and we’ll decide collectively as to which pieces to focus on. Just add a comment with the details of the reading you’d like to focus on.

— Robbie