March 5 2013: Stiegler’s “Most Precious Good”

by lukevanryn

And … we’re back!

Or we will be next Tuesday, in the Pierre Gorman Room of the 1888 building at the University of Melbourne, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

We’ll be reading Stiegler’s chapter in the brand new UnLike Us Reader, in which he takes a quote from Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics as a basis for an analysis of affiliation, individuation and grammatization. Through Simondon, Deleuze, and Lacan, Stiegler ponders what it means to be someone’s friend, and what it means to be part of a “social network”:

I do believe that the reflexivity included in the public declaration of relationships (friendly and otherwise) could lead, if intelligently put to work by communities and collective intelligence networks like Facebook and others, to the emergence of a process of psychical, collective and technical individuation, which would indeed make for a relationally peaceful or benevolent 21st century, grounded in – if I dare to say – a new benevolence (i.e. goodwill), even if it would not be ‘friendly’ in the strict sense of the term.

The whole book can be read or downloaded here. Hope to see you there!