March 19 2013: Networks of Outrage and Hope

by lukevanryn

On Tuesday we’re reading the short opening chapter of Castells Networks of Outrage and Hope (2012). Castells sees social networking technologies as a key factor enabling the protest movements that characterised 2011: the Arab Spring, Indignidas, #OWS etc:

The characteristics of communication processes between individuals engaged in the social movement determine the organizational characteristics of the social movement itself: the more interactive and self-configurable communication is, the less hierarchical is the organization and the more participatory the movement.

Christian Fuchs systematically critiqued Castells’ book in a recent article, providing pretty strong evidence to suggest that older communication technologies (like talking face-to-face) were much more important than Castells suggests. It is linked below for further reading.

As usual, we meet in the Pierre Gorman Room, 1888 Building, from 4:30pm.

[PDF] Manuel Castells (2012) “Opening” Networks of Outrage and Hope. Polity.
[PDF] Christian Fuchs (2012) “Some Reflections on Manuel Castells’ Book…” Triple C 10(2)