TCRG July 30: Lev Manovich interviewed

by lukevanryn

This week we will be reading a short interview with Lev Manovich on the topic of methodology in software studies from earlier this month. This comes in advance of his forthcoming publication Software Takes Control (2014), and follows from his previous work, Software Takes Command (2008). Hopefully this interview will develop a discussion on the various methodologies that are used in our various disciplines and perhaps a more nuanced approach to software studies. 

“I also want to understand what media is today conceptually, after its “softwarization.” Do the concepts of media developed to account for industrial-era technologies, from photography to video, still apply to media that is designed and experienced with software? Do they need to be updated, or completely replaced by new more appropriate concepts? [… ]In short: does “media” still exist?”

Sorry for the last minute notice, but the piece is fairly short. A few additional pieces have been posed for the weeks ahead: A reading fromSoftware Takes Command, Agamben’s “What is a Paradigm?”, or perhaps a further examination of methodologies for more quantitative approaches to media studies. Input is very welcome.

[Link] – Software Takes Command: an Interview with Lev Manovich, by Michael Connor