February 18: “Notes on Gesture” (Agamben)

by lukevanryn

Photo Credit: jinterwas via Compfight cc

To follow up on our reading last week, I’ve chosen Agamben’s short piece on gesture from “Means Without End”. Although Agamben is writing about cinema, this essay is frequently cited in discussions of gestural computing interfaces such as the iPhone.

Through a discussion of Tourette’s syndrome, early cinematic experiments of Muybridge, and the Nichomachean Ethics, Agamben comes to see gesture as a “the exhibition of a mediality … the process of making a means visible as such” (58).

We meet as usual in the Pierre Gorman Room, 1888 Building at 5pm.

[PDF] Agamben, G. (2000). “Notes on Gesture” in Means without End: Notes on Politics (V. Binetti & C. Casarino, Trans.). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 49-60.