March 4: “In Modulation Mode: Factories of Knowledge” (Raunig)

by robbiefordyce

Photo Credit: _Hadock_ via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: _Hadock_ via Compfight cc

Hot on the heels of a lively discussion on Tuesday, we have next week’s reading already planned.

In 2013 Gerald Raunig’s Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity was published in the Semiotext(e): interventions series. I recommend Raunig’s book for its critical engagement with academia and the university system. While somewhat lacking in theoretical innovations his position is scrawled across every page. An excerpt from Chapter 2 states,

“We cannot understand all these aspects of the transformation of the universities by looking only at the assaults by authorities that come from above and outside. We also have to consider a certain degree of subservient self-government. Particularly from the perspective of self-reforming and self-deforming, however, there is also a strategy of resistance that can be gained, a double form of immanent desertion.” (p. 26)

On Tuesday we will be reading Chapter 4 of Raunig’s book: “In Modulation Mode: Factories of Knowledge” which is available for free online.

[HTML] Raunig, G. (2013). “In Modulation Mode: Factories of Knowledge”

TCRG – Tuesday March 4th, 5-6pm, Pierre Gorman Room, 1888 Building