March 11: “Making Sense of MOOCs” (Daniel)

by lukevanryn


A recurring theme in our discussion last week was MOOCs, which we admitted to not knowing a great deal about. In a bid to fill in that blind spot, this week we read a recent discussion by Sir John Daniel, which details the histories, ideologies and trajectories of MOOCS.

While the hype about MOOCs presaging a revolution in higher education has focussed on their scale, the real revolution is that universities with scarcity at the heart of their business models are embracing openness

We meet as usual at 5pm in the Pierre Gorman Room, 1888 Building, University of Melbourne. All are welcome.

[PDF]/[HTML] Daniel, John. “Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility.” Journal of Interactive Media in Education (2012).