March 18: “The conditions of interdisciplinarity” (Martin)

by robbiefordyce


Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc


This week’s reading for the TCRG comes from the Edufactory collective. Following certain trends in scholarly writing, we might call the Edufactory collactive an “alter-academic” system, which has been informed at least in part by Paolo Freire and certain strands of the autonomists.

This week’s article, by Randy Martin, engages with interdisciplinarity as an element of the structure of the University. No longer simply a tacked-on characteristic of some academics, Martin argues, it has become a core determinant for the university model.

“[I]t is hard to sustain the claim that the humanities as an institutional formation are somehow less caught up in university-business models. Humanities core curriculum requirements have themselves provided templates for casualization, outsourcing, contingent graduate student labor and a variety of other schemes by which norms of accumulation have been installed in the university irrespective of the putative content of the field.”

Martin’s text clearly contains some content that is prime for discussion, and I welcome all to attend the reading group tomorrow.

[PDF] Martin, R. (2009) “The Conditions of Interdisciplinarity” Towards the Global Autonomous University, Edu-Factory Collective, Autonomedia: New York.

Interested parties may wish to peruse the short introduction to the first and last Edu-factory journal issue, available here.