June 3: Red Stack Attack! (Terranova)

by robbiefordyce


Our reading for next week, on June 3rd, comes from TCRG expat Nate Tkacz. This sets off our foray into digital currencies, with planned crossovers into social research areas around cryptography.

Terranova’s work is relevant to this area as a post-autonomist thinker, and, like many of the autonomists, she engages in the nexus between informational labour and capitalism. While there are no great revelations regarding the ontology of digital currency, there is certainly a substantial engagement with the consequences of new methods of money creation. As she notes,

“Since ownership and control of capital-money (different, as Maurizio Lazzarato remind us, from wage-money, in its capacity to be used not only as a means of exchange, but as a means of investment empowering certain futures over others) is crucial to maintaining populations bonded to the current power relation, how can we turn financial money into the money of the common? An experiment such as Bitcoin demonstrates that in a way ‘the taboo on money has been broken’ “

The article is retrievable online, here:

[HTML] T. Terranova “Red Stack Attack! Algorithms, Capital and the Automation of the Common” (2014) Euronomade [http://www.euronomade.info/?p=2268]

Regular meeting time/place:
5pm on Tuesday 3rd of June,
Gorman Room, 1888 Building,