TCRG returns

by robbiefordyce

TCRG returns

Plans for 2015, meeting, readings

Next TCRG meeting:

18 November, 4pm, Tsubu.

[HTML] Venturini, Tommaso and Bruno Latour (2014) “The Social Fabric:Digital Traces and Quali-quantitative Methods” unpublished.

This reading comes by way of Stuart Elden’s blog, and a few commentaries I’ve been reading on method.

Changes to the operations of the TCRG:

As many will be aware, the TCRG has been on an unannounced hiatus since July. There are a number of reasons, both personal and professional, which have led to this occurrence and our lack of engagement as a group in recent months. In light of this, I’m proposing that we institute a few changes which will be in effect over the Christmas period until we can reconvene to discuss these in February or March next year.

  1. We will move to a fortnightly model. The weekly model was a bit too punishing for some members, and reduced the size of our group to practical non-existence. Hopefully a fortnightly model will make it less of a chore for people to attend.
  2. We meet at Tsubu on Tuesday afternoons. Because the 1888 building shuts down for a lot of the Christmas period, we can’t guarantee use of the Gorman Room. We also have a number of new subscribers, and Tsubu is easier to find than anything else on campus. I’m organising a room booking with Annemarie in the John Medley to cover us over Christmas itself.
  3. We stay clear of themed readings for now. Because continuous attendance will be difficult over Christmas, each reading will be a ‘stand alone’ text, so as to facilitate a drop-in drop-out approach to the group over the holiday period.

Thanks all