About the TCRG

The University of Melbourne Technology and Culture Reading Group is dedicated to analyzing and discussing new research in the area of media and communications studies.

Common materials for discussion include posthumanism, games studies, mediated subjectivity, network theory, and sociological concerns, all in aid of critically examining problems in forms of new and mass media. Examples of recent authors we have read are Bernard Steigler, Paul Virilio, Christian Fuchs, Jean Baudrillard, Eugene Thacker, Bruno Latour, Alexander Galloway, Manuel Castells, Michel Bauwens, and we are always open to new suggestions.

The research interests of our members are varied within the discipline of media and communication studies, and include issues such as government transparency, locative gaming, actor-network theory, digital education and literacy, and autonomist Marxist theories of networks.

This blog will provide a site for the organization of future readings, and, at times, commentaries on past readings as well. We privilege critical perspectives over quantitative or qualitative positions, and welcome commentary from other disciplines provided they contribute to discussions of media.

We meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons from 4.30pm in the Pierre Gorman room, 1888 Building, University of Melbourne Parkville.

Feel free to contact the convener, Luke van Ryn, with any enquiries: lukevanryn at gmail dot com