April 1: The Botnet (Eve)

by lukevanryn

Photo Credit: Gwendal_ via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Gwendal_ via Compfight cc

In this chapter from Zombies in the Academy (eds. Whelan, Walker, Moore, 2013), Martin Paul Eve interrogates the relationships in academic between authors, libraries and publishers, and their similarities to an undead zombie network, akin to a botnet: “a being not only dead and colonizing, but also exhibiting superficial autonomy while covertly acting under foreign influence against its own living purpose” (p.107). Eve’s essay offers a provocation to consider one’s own role in this network and some steps towards dismantling it.

We meet as usual in the Pierre Gorman Room, 1888 Building, at 5pm.

[PDF] Eve, Martin Paul. 2013, “The botnet: webs of hegemony/zombies who publish” in Whelan, A., Walker, R. & Moore, C., Zombies in the Academy Intellect: Bristol, UK.